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Webinar: Empathy & Communications for Scouting

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Adult Leader Training, Cub Scouts, News, Scouts BSA, Tools, Webinars, Youth Protection | 0 comments

What does Successful Communication look like in scouting?

Dr. David Carsten shows us how Scouting teaches empathy through the Scout Oath, Law and more. Here, he shares the evidence that your words, thoughts  and actions not only affect you and everyone around you but will make for a more successful Scouting experience for your youth and parents. 

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Tips & Tricks

Here are some quick tips from Dr. Carsten from our webinar:

Be in the moment. Turn off the internal dialogue and give your full attention to the thing in front of you.

Successfull Communication Steps:

  1. Social Curiosity: to help other people at all times
  2. Mindfulness: Pay Attention: be courteous, kind, reverant. Meditate on the moment. How? Breath in for six seconds, breath out for six seconds.
  3. Empathy: helpful, friendly, courteous, kind. How they feel.
  4. Sympathy: How you feel, your emotional reaction.
  5. Compassion: to help them at all times.
  6. Loving kindess:choose to care and act with loving kindness.

The Scout Oath is a meditation: it helps you become who you were meant to be.

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