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Why Give to Camp4All?

To Give Every Scout a First Class Summer Camp Experience

The Impact of Camp4All

Pack 20 talks about the impact of Summer Camp.

100% of proceeds from our Camp4All campaign go to getting Scouts to camp and giving them an unparalleled experience at our world-class camp properties.

Why is Summer Camp so Important?

Recent research in the Journal of Youth Development shows that attending summer camp helps young people develop skills essential to success in academics and in the workplace.

What researchers found by studying camp attendees was that the experiences intrinsic to summer camps – trying new activities, living with your peers, being required to be more independent – all inspired personal growth.

    Our Thanks to You: Council Patches

    To thank you for your gift, you’ll receive our new Council Shoulder Patches.
    • $15/month: brown bordered council shoulder patch (CSP)
    • $30/month: red-bordered CSP
    • $45/month: limited-edition ghosted CSP (Must pledge by December 31, 2023)
    • $60/month: metallic gold-bordered CSP
    • $125/month: receive all 4 CSP’s
    • Donate or pledge $45/month BEFORE December 31, 2023 and limited-edition “ghosted” patch!
    • Donate or pledge $125/month or more and get the 4-patch set which includes a limited-edition “ghosted” patch!

    Camp Baldwin is the 2024 Featured Camp

    Example of Framed Camp4All Shoulder Patches:

    Donation & Giving Questions?

    Development Team: (503) 225-5748

    All donations to Camp4All will fund outdoor education opportunities such as camp attendance scholarships for youth and camp staff scholarships, provide program supplies and equipment, maintain camp facilities, and provide critical camp staff training.

    What’s Next for Camp4All

    Summer Camp Scholarships

    Our goal is that every Scout has an opportunity to go to summer camp. Funds will be available for any Scout in need.

    New Scout & Family Programs

    We are actively creating innovative programming to keep Scouts engaged as well as family-friendly programs and adventure opportunities.

    Camp Improvements & Support

    Camp4All funds will also be designated to ensure we provide safe, clean properties and a first-class experience for Scouts and their families. Funds will also support unique programs and staff such as our horses and wranglers.

    The Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America is a 501 (c) 3 organization registered for charitable purposes in both Oregon and Washington. Volunteer finance committees work closely with staff members to oversee both fiscal responsibility and sound investment strategies for the council. Strict governance practices and annual audits, performed by an independent audit firm, ensure the highest integrity in the management of your donation.

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