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Safety, Insurance & Incident Reporting

Planning For Safety

Scouting is exciting. We love Scouting because it is fun and adventurous, yet activities can be risky business if proper preparations and precautions are missed. Scouting safety is the responsibility of each and every adult leader in Scouting.

Here are a few ideas to instill a culture of safety in your unit or district:

Safety Moments

To keep safety top-of-mind at every Scouting activity, easy-to-use ‘Safety Moments’ are available to every leader. Safety Moments are exactly what the name implies: quick featured topics to remind Scouts and leaders of the risks and steps to prevent incidents. Bonus Tip: have Scouts present the Safety Moments at the beginning of each meeting – the Scout gets a bit of public speaking experience as well as sharing with their peers how to be safer. Click here to access the more than 90 available Safety Moments

S.AF.E. checklist

Scouts and their parents expect all Boy Scouts of America activities to be conducted safely. To ensure the safety of participants, the Boy Scouts of America expects leaders to use the four points of SAFE when delivering the Scouting program:

SupervisionYouth are supervised by qualified and trustworthy adults who set the example for safety.

AssessmentActivities are assessed by adult leaders for risks during planning. 

Fitness And SkillParticipants’ Annual Health and Medical Records are reviewed by unit leaders and confirmed that fitness and skill levels exist for participants to take part safely.

Equipment and environmentSafe and appropriately sized equipment and activity areas are used properly. Leaders monitor gear and environment for changing conditions that could affect safety. For full details, click here


Any time an incident occurs when persons are injured or when property damage occurs, leaders must submit an Incident Report. These reports are compiled to give volunteer and staff risk managers an overview of risk areas so that Scouting can continually improve safety. Please provide this form whenever ANY incident occurs, preferably within 48 hours of the incident. Send the form to info@cpcbsa.org Form available in the download section at the bottom of this page.


A ‘near-miss’ is an incident that does not result in injury, illness, or damage, but had the potential to do so. Reporting near-misses helps safety leaders learn and adapt Scouting programs. This form is a tool to gather information. If an injury has occurred, use the incident reporting form. Return your completed form to info@cpcbsa.org Form available in the download section at the bottom of this page.


When a unit (pack, troop, etc) rents or uses the property of a business or other organization, the property owner will often ask for a ‘certificate of insurance’ that demonstrates that insurance will cover their property.

To request a certificate of insurance, fill out a Certificate of Insurance Request Form. The form will automatically be submitted to Deanne Molenkamp, (deanne.molenkamp@scouting.org). Allow a minimum of two weeks for processing.  Approved certificates will be returned by email.


Scouting provides liability insurance for leaders and chartering organizations. Cascade Pacific Council also provides accident and sickness coverage for its members:


Comprehensive General Liability – primary general liability for claims related to official Scouting activities. Provided by the National Council for all registered leaders. More details.

Automobile Liability – All vehicles used in Scouting activities must be covered by a liability policy that meets state requirements, with a recommended minimum of $100,000 combined single limit. Other requirements apply. Please visit the National Council insurance coverage page for more details.

Chartered Organizations – The general liability policy provides primary liability insurance coverage for all chartered organizations for liability arising from chartering a traditional Scouting unit. More details are available on the National Council insurance coverage page.

Accident/Sickness Coverage

Cascade Pacific Council provides accident and sickness coverage for registered CPC members through Health Special Risk (HSR). This coverage for Scouts and Scouters furnishes medical reimbursement in case of death, accident, or sickness within the policy amounts.

HSR coverage is secondary coverage and excess to any and all other available sources of medical insurance or other healthcare benefits.

The coverage provided has maximum limits and a maximum benefit period, usually 52 weeks from the date of the incident. Claims must be submitted within 90 days directly to HSR as described on the claim form. Forms available in the download section at the bottom of this page and are marked ‘HSR.’


Event Incident Management Steps

The following guidelines and resources will help unit leaders prepare and respond to incidents that may occur during Scouting activities and events. These are based on the outstanding guidance provided for unit leaders on the national website.

Step 1: Immediate Safety

When an incident occurs, the safety of everyone is of paramount importance.

  • Conduct a rapid assessment to identify potential injuries or hazards.
  • Provide first aid as needed and seek medical help promptly. Contact 911 for assistance if needed.
  • If the situation warrants, move individuals to a safer area to mitigate immediate risks.
Step 2: Grasp the Full Situation

Understanding the incident in its entirety empowers you to respond effectively:

  • Gather comprehensive information about what happened to establish a clear understanding.
  • If minors are involved, inform parents and guardians of the situation promptly.
Step 3: Document the Incident Thoroughly

Accurate documentation is key to addressing incidents comprehensively:

  • Collect all available information: document the who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Construct a timeline that outlines the sequence of events leading up to and following the incident.
  • Include the names of all individuals involved and detail the actions taken to address the situation.
  • Enhance your documentation with photographs of the scene and witness statements.
  • Complete the Incident Report Form (download below) as soon as possible so that details are not lost, and witness information is collected
    • The incident report form is absolutely required whenever a person goes to the ER, Urgent Care, or any other medical office for injuries sustained in any Scouting event or activity.
    • The form is NOT required for simple first-aid, but can be submitted if there is something that you feel should be reported to prevent future incidents.
    • Fill out the incident report form as completely as possible and please send within 24 hours to info@cpcscouting.org 
    • Report elevated situations requiring overnight hospitalization or loss of life as soon as possible to info@cpcscouting.org and call 503.226.3423 and follow the after-hours emergency prompts if after-hours or weekend.
    • Enhance your documentation with photographs of the scene, witness statements, and addendum pages as needed.
Step 3: Notify CASCADE PACIFIC Council of serious situations

Whenever these occur, notify the council when safe to do so:

  • 911 or other EMS emergency numbers are called.
  • A person requires medical care for a serious illness or injury issue beyond simple sutures, etc.; or is hospitalized overnight.
  • Call the council main number 503.226.3423. If after-hours or on a weekend, follow the prompts for emergency issues.
Step 5: Follow Up with Care

Continuing to provide support and care after the initial response is essential:

  • Maintain open communication with the families of those affected by the incident.
  • Address any questions or concerns they may have and ensure they feel supported throughout.

Insurance Forms

Near-Miss Incident FormUse this form to report a 'near-miss' incident. A near miss does not result in injury, illness, or damage, by definition, but had the potential to do so. This form is a tool to gather information. If an injury has occurred, use the incident reporting form. Return your completed form to info@cpcbsa.org 88.66 KB DownloadPreview
Incident Report FormUse this form to report ANY incident or event of injury, illness, or property damage. This information is used by risk management volunteers and staff to identify and better understand specific areas of risk and develop methods to minimize risk in the future. Return your completed form to info@cpcbsa.org 112.72 KB DownloadPreview
2024 HSR Accident & Sickness Description of Coverage(Only for incidents that occurred in 2024) This document is a description of coverage for the 2024 unit accident insurance purchased by Cascade Pacific Council for Scouting units through Health Special Risk (HSR). This document describes who is covered, what incidents are covered, and under what circumstances.3.00 MB DownloadPreview
2024 HSR Accident & Sickness Claim Form(Only for incidents that occurred in 2024) Claim form for Health Special Risk (HSR) insurance policy for incidents occurring in the calendar year 2024. Use this form to process a claim in the event of an accident or other applicable incident within 90 days. This form is only needed in the event of a claim. Fill out the form and process it directly through HSR, the third-party insurance company through which Cascade Pacific Council has purchased unit accident insurance for each Scouting unit.227.10 KB DownloadPreview

Impact for Generations.
Prepared for Life.

This is more than a motto. It is a manifesto. It is our promise to the community and to every parent and child who Scouts with us. By Scouting in the Cascade Pacific Council (CPC) of Scouting America (formerly the Boy Scouts of America), every youth can learn to make an impact on the world around them and be more prepared for career and life.

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