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New Fall Recruiting Campaign: Be “SCOUT” Prepared

September is “National Preparedness Month,” the perfect time for our Scouts to promote and share our Scout motto while helping friends, neighbors and new Scouts be prepared.

What’s in This Campaign

  • Plug-and-play “Open House” programs for September to make planning fun and easy
  • Tools to invite new families to attend your “Open House” meetings and join Scouting
  • Patches (of course) for Scouts who join and Scouts who recruit friends!
  • A “First Aid Kit Fundraiser” to support Scouts/units while helping others “Be Prepared.”
  • A council-wide advertising/marketing campaign

Campaign Timeline

  • May 1: First Aid Kit Pre-Order form goes live to ensure we have inventory for custom branding. 
  • May 31: Deadline to Pre-Order.
  • June 1: Order Forms go live for First Aid Kits & Promo Materials
  • June 30: Orders due from units.
  • July 1: Custom-branded kits & promo materials produced.
  • August 1: First aid kits, promo materials available for pickup.
  • August 24: Portland Timbers Scout Night: PA Announcement!
  • September: National Preparedness Month!

Need Help? Have a Story to Share? Contact Us!

Contact the CPC’s Marketing Director, Chris Bartell, with your specific needs at chris.bartell@scouting.org If you have a story to share, use these Media Alert & Press Release templates to share your story with local media or send your story to Chris. Photos or video to share? Please text them to Chris at (971)337-5922 with your unit and event info!

 NEW! Customizable Promotional Postcards!

Use these postcards to as person-to-person invitations to your next “invite-a-friend” event! You can customize them yourself using this Word template and printed on these name badge stickers, or click the ORDER FORM buttons to have us customize them for you!

2-STEP PRO MARKETING TIP: Nurturing Strategy vs. Join Now

Prospective families may not have any Scouting experience. So, instead of sending them directly to your “Be A Scout” link, use a “nurturing” strategy that will entice and excite families to join your Scout unit by directing them to your social media accounts or website. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create a Link Tree: If you have a website or public Facebook or Instagram feed, create a FREE Link Tree page that gives folks a multitude of ways to see your scouts in action and connect. Here’s one example: https://linktr.ee/t107pdx Create your FREE Link Tree here.

Don’t have a public social media account?  Here are some tips from the “Simple Social Media” webinar.

Step 2: Use your Link Tree in a QR Code: Next, use this FREE QR code generator that also tracks the number of scans to create a code with your Link Tree.

New! Let the CPC Energize Your Social Media !

Together, we can spread the great word about your unit and Scouting in the CPC! How?  Connect your unit’s Facebook group/page or Instagram feed to us, and we’ll post weekly content your unit’s parents can simply share to their feeds.  (You can still update your feeds too, this will just help keep it fresh!)

How it works:

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Give the CPC’s Sendible account (our social media management tool) access to the public pages/feeds of your choice via the tool below. (Your Facebook page MUST be “public” for this to work.)
  3. We’ll post fun content to your account weekly to provide increased awareness and activity.
  4. Your unit still posts unit stories, events and activities too!
  5. Your volunteers/parents share posts to their social media feeds.
  6. More people become aware of your Scout unit and how awesome Scouting is in the CPC!

What we’ll Post:

Posts will be about “adventure, grit and growth” but generic to Scouting. The post copy will drive viewers to connect with your unit. For example, we’d use this image with the following copy, driving viewers to connect with you via Direct Message: 

“If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.”  – Nicolette Sowder. 
Couldn’t have said it better ourselves! DM us if you want to hear more about how we get kids unplugged and outdoors!


Examples of What We’ll Post for You

Some Units Who Have Connected

Click below for examples of units who have connected to the CPC. You’ll see some posts from the CPC as well as unit posts. 

How to Connect Your Social Media Account

Click Below to Connect Your Account

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