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Historic Hiking Trail Program

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Advancement, Adventures, Scouts BSA | 0 comments

Get your Scouts outdoors with the Historic Hiking Trail program. (Patches included upon completion!) Special thanks to volunteer, Jim Brossard for putting together this fantastic program for our Scouts!

What Does Your Troop’s Hiking Program Look Like?

Every Scout in your troop deserves the opportunity to participate in a well organized Scout hiking program. Hiking has been a part of the Boy Scouts since the beginning. Youth have always needed to gain confidence in their ability to hike long distances and build physical fitness. All of your Scouts should have the chance to earn the Hiking and Backpacking Merit Badges.

You may not have any idea where to start your program or where to go to hike. Fortunately there is an organized historic trail program in the Cascade Pacific Council for you consisting of :

  • The Barlow Trail Hike
  • The Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial Hike
  • The Hoyt Arboretum / Viet Nam Veteran’s Memorial Hike

Scouts can earn an attractive multi-colored patch and medal for completing each of these hikes. These awards will become treasured mementos of the scout hiking program for your Scouts.

The Barlow Trail Hike

The Barlow Trail Hike is on a 24 mile section of the original Barlow Road by Mt. Hood. It runs parallel to OR 48 providing easy access for support vehicles.

The Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial Hike

The Oregon Trail Sesquicentennial Hike consists of sections at least 20 miles long of the Oregon Trail across the state from the Idaho Oregon border to Oregon City. The bronze, silver and gold hike medals can by earned for hiking 60, 100 and 200 miles respectively. There is one section of the original and actual road a

bout 56 miles long that can be used for a high adventure hike.

The Hoyt Arboretum / Viet Nam Veteran’s Memorial hike

The Hoyt Arboretum / Viet Nam Veteran’s Memorial hike is a 10 mile hike in Washington Park. This hike can be as an introductory hike for your new scouts and also a shakedown backpacking hike to make sure all equipment fits right and has been packed.


This historical trail hiking program is easy to participate in. Maps of all the trails are available below. Each trail has a hiking guide and or camping guide with trail tips and campground suggestions. All you have to do is put these hikes into your yearly plan.

Need Help Planning Your Next Hike?

Contact Jim Brossard, our helpful hiking volunteer.


Awards & Patches You Can Earn


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