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Rebuild Butte Creek Scout Ranch

2020's Devastating Wildfires Destroyed All But One Campsite

Thank you for your support!  Because of you, we are ready for Summer Camp 2021!

Last year’s devastating wildfires destroyed all but one of our campsites.

Mini-Adirondack’s, group shelters, flag poles, and much of the area surrounding them were burned to the ground.

Restoration efforts will be a journey, but we are grateful for your support and are now ready for Summer Camp 2021!

Support the Rebuild Through Camp4All

More projects are underway at Butte Creek and other camps. Give through Camp4All where all proceeds make scholarships available to any Scout and give them a world-class camp experience.

All donations from individual donors will go to the Camp4All to fund outdoor education opportunities; such as camp attendance scholarships for youth and camp staff scholarships, provide program supplies and equipment, maintain camp facilities, and provide critical camp staff training!

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