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Meet Our Ships

Prepare for fun on the open waters with your shipmates.

Water-Ready Scouting in the CPC

In Sea Scouts you may cruise the Columbia or Scuba dive in the San Juans. You might paddle down a local river or day sail on the lake. You may compete in the Koch International Sea Scout Cup alongside Scouts from around the world, or cruise aboard “America’s Tall Ship” the USCG Barque Eagle. In Sea Scouts, you build your own adventure! Sea Scouting provides limitless opportunities and exciting challenges that you won’t find anywhere else. It is a place to grow and learn, find adventure, and build long lasting friendships.


Ship contacts

SSS Déjà vu #202: Vancouver/Portland

Main contact: Neal D Smith

Email: neal.d.smith.ii@gmail.com

Phone: 503 730-6336

See where the ship is now!

SSS Freedom #399: The Dalles, OR

Main contact: Deidre Baumgarten
Email: sssfreedom399@gmail.com
Cell: 707-363-5353 

SSS Dragon #630: Vancouver, WA

Main contact: Ray Carlyle 
Email: raycarlyle1@gmail.com 
Phone: 360-521-6381 

SSS Beaver #643: Portland

Main contact:  Roy Englund
Email: Ship643.beaver@gmail.com
Phone: 503-953-6160

SSS Tsunami #678: Vancouver, WA

Main contact: Dennis Moore 
Email: dennis@ssstsunami.com 
Phone: 360-601-4425 


Mark Littlepage
(503) 329-1387

Current Events

Key Contacts

Ray Carlyle

Neal Smith
Vice Commodore
(503) 730-6336

Jason Macpherson
(503) 225-5754

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