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Introducing the New CPC Podcast

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Scouting Expedition Podcast | 0 comments

Introducing “The Scouting Expedition Podcast” courtesy of the Cascade Pacific Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Why a Podcast?

During COVID, we needed a way to spread ever-changing news on an ongoing basis in a way that could be easily digestible for our Scouts, leaders and volunteers. We launched “Wednesday Webinars” which folks could listen to or watch live (since we were all at home) or recorded. These covered the latest news and a main topic for the week. And we learned a lot: first that many folks appreciated the topics and ability to listen or watch “the news” (instead of reading a long newsletter) and, second, that we needed to have better distribution that was easier to digest and a better quality product. 

What to Expect

This is more than just a webinar or podcast. It’s an adventurecast!

We’ll share stories and insights about the lifelong adventure, real-world grit, and personal growth only found through Scouting here in the CPC. We’ll have guests indoors at the new studio, but also head outdoors to meet those that make the Scouting Expedition come to life for thousands of local youth here in Nortwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.

We’ve built a high-quality studio so that the product will be more pleasant to listen to and watch. There will also be the opportunity to show “how-to” demonstrations like knot-tying or Dutch Oven cooking.

We’ll also have it subscribable on all major podast platforms and YouTube.

 When Will it Launch?

As of this writing (March 4th), we’re almost done building out the studio. We expect to have it tested and launched by next week.

When Can You Listen/Watch?

In a post-COVID survey, our membership voted that would be the best time for webinars.  So, we’ll plan to publish the latest episodes on Sundays, or host live sessions when Q&A might be necessary (like a webinar) at that time too.

Listen to the Introduction

About the CPC

Adventure, grit & growth start here. In the Cascade Pacific Council, we develop the self-starters, goal-getters & leaders of tomorrow, making a positive impact on individuals and communities for generations.

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