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Trunk-or-Treat Tips & More

by | Oct 5, 2023 | Cub Scouts, Districts, News, Scouts BSA | 0 comments

Recruit new Scouts and have fun with this Halloween with these fun ideas.


Looking to recruit more Scouts? Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to invite Scouts into your unit. 

Here are some quick ideas: 

Host a Halloween Party

Whether or not Halloween lands on your meeting night, turn the holiday into a fun bring-a-friend night with a pre-trick-or-treat dinner!  You can even set up just a few Halloween games, like these from Country Living Magazine.   If it’s on Halloween, then head out trick or treating together!  If not, wear costumes anyway and have a blast!

Here’s what Pack 485 is doing this year!  (They also designed this Facebook post using our FREE Canva account which you can access by clicking the “Marketing Toolkit” button at https://cpcbsa.org/marketing)

Super-Simple Trunk or Treat

Last year, one Scout unit recruited almost an entire den of new Scouts through a last-minute Trunk-or-Treat. 

Here’s how they did it: The Simple Trunk-or-Treat

  1. Purchased 200 lollipops
  2. Purchased 200 mailing labels like these (1,000 for just $16)
  3. Printed a short message and a QR code on the labels
  4. Placed the labels, folded in half, on the lollipop sticks
  5. Gave out the treats to trick-or-treaters.

Of course multiple families in your Scout unit can give these treats out from home too!

2-STEP PRO MARKETING TIP: Nurturing Strategy vs. Join Now

If you want to take your lollipops or any other marketing using QR codes, here are two simple steps to take it to the next level:

Step 1: Create a Link Tree: If you have a website or public facebook or instagram feed (which you should!), create a FREE Link Tree page that gives folks a multitude of ways to see your scouts in action and connect. Here’s one example: https://linktr.ee/t107pdx Create your FREE Link Tree here.

Step 2: Use your Link Tree in a QR Code: Next, use this FREE QR code generator that also tracks the number of scans to create a code with your Link Tree.

Why do this instead of sending folks directly to your BeAScout.org link?  Because these prospective families may not have any experience in Scouting. So, this strategy is what we call “nurturing the prospect” where you pull the prospective family into “why” and “how” you Scout, by showing off the fun and adventures they’ll experience in your Scout unit.

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