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2022 Eagle Scout Scholarship Winners

by | Apr 5, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2022 Eagle Scout Scholarships!

The Cascade Pacific Council offers 10 annual scholarships to outstanding Eagle Scouts residing in the Cascade Pacific Council who have distinguished themselves in accordance with the Scout Oath and Scout Law. There are 9 scholarships for $2,000 plus the top amount of $4,500!

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Benz Brawley

Benz Brawley

Spirit Lake – Troop 320

“Scouting was a safe place for me to be myself and to escape the bullying and negative thoughts and to forget about my speech diagnoses each week.  I was able to practice my speech at Scouts, as well as greatly improve my social skills.”

High School: Hudson’s Bay

Eagle Scout Project: Enhancements benefitting Chapel Hill Cat Sanctuary

Wolf Cribbs

Wolf Cribbs

Rivers Edge – Troop 141

“Scouting repeatedly taught me to show respect to women, my peers and many different kinds of people. The respect I have learned to show others will help me to become a loyal husband and a loving father when that time comes in my life.”

High School: Clackamas

Eagle Scout Project: Park loop trail repairs benefitting Mt Talbert Park

Benjamin Flores

Benjamin Flores

Pacific Trail – Troop 618

“I was always shy and [Scouting] challenged me. It has helped me grow into a young adult that is always seeking to help others.  I learned that being an Eagle Scout is not only a recognition for what I have done, but what I am expected to do in the future.”

High School: Early College

Eagle Scout Project: Building a storage shed to benefit multiple organizations connected with Cedar Hills Baptist Church

Shudhant Gautam – Top $4,500 Scholarship Recipient

Shudhant Gautam – Top $4,500 Scholarship Recipient

Pacific Trail – Troop 208

“A Scout is Brave. My biggest fear for the first 14 years of my life was the deep end of pools.  I would never pass the swim tests at summer camp and I finally decided to face my fear in the third year of my Scouting journey.  I still remember the feeling as I climbed out of the lake at Camp Baldwin and heard the lifeguard shouted, “We have a swimmer!”

High School: Sunset

Eagle Scout Project: Building and installation of cedar benches benefitting Cross Country and Track & Field teams at Sunset High School

Evan Jackson

Evan Jackson

Santiam – Troop 7150

“I can remember every single hour of the twenty-five hundred hours of service that I have given to my community and see now that every drip of sweat and the pain of strenuous work developed my mentality that anything worthwhile is worth working for and that nothing substantial is every achieved easily.”

High School: West Salem

Eagle Scout Project: Constructed outdoor enclosure for cats benefitting the Willamette Humane Society.

Mason Lewallen

Mason Lewallen

Rivers Edge – Troop 530

“The list of occupations I would like to have is broad, but they a have at least two things in common: one is that I have been inspired to achieve them by the things I have learned in Scouts.  The second is that those jobs require a good leader to fill them.”

High School: Tualatin & Portland Community College

Eagle Scout Project: Creation and installation of pavers for the school teaching garden at Byron Elementary School.

Cameron Lewis

Cameron Lewis

Timberline – Troop 606

“Scouting has taught me the importance of working hard to succeed, and the joy of working in service of others.  I felt confident enough to join the student body as class president for 4 years in a row because of my experience a leader in Scouts.”

High School: Columbia Christian

Eagle Scout Project: Constructed picnic tables benefitting Columbia Christian Middle School.

Jacob McClelland

Jacob McClelland

Rivers Edge – Troop 132

“Each [trail] has its fair share of laughs, perils, and rewards. Yet, the best trail I’ve finished so far has been a journey of personal growth, not physical travel. My trail to Eagle Rank instilled habits necessary for success, a desire to serve my community, and an enduring determination.”

High School: Wilsonville

Eagle Scout Project: Constructing a wheelchair accessible garden as an add on to the nature center benefitting West Linn-Wilsonville SD.

Kyle Rabe

Kyle Rabe

Pacific Trail – Troop 855

“I completed all of the religious emblem programs offered through the National Catholic Committee on Scouting: Light of Christ, Parvuli Dei, Ad Altare Dei, and Pope Pius XII.  Each of these emblems has provided me additional ways to be active in my faith and further explore what it means for me to be a Catholic.”

High School: Liberty

Eagle Scout Project: Built and “outdoor classroom” benefitting St. Matthew Garden in Hillsboro, OR.

Ellie Stewart

Ellie Stewart

Spirit Lake – Troop 5479

“Through my time in scouting, I have grown in all aspects of the aims of Scouting.  I have grown as a leader, become a person that I am proud of, become physically and mentally strong, and developed my love of giving back to the community.”

High School: Vancouver iTech Preparatory

Eagle Scout Project:

Eagle Scout Project: Native American inspired mural on highway sound wall.

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