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Cascade Chronicles

Geek Out at Camp Pioneer August 12-16, 2024

Spend a week at Camp Pioneer immersed in all aspects of geek culture including TCGs, board games, RPGs, miniatures and exclusive outbound excursions!

 Does your guild have what it takes to rule the kingdom?

An ancient prophecy has foretold a new heir to the throne of Jeffersonia. The king is holding a one-week contest for each guild to prove its value as the future leader of the kingdom. As guilds compete and quest, they will earn the king’s favor, and by the end of the week, a new heir will be crowned.

Will it be you?

What is "Cascade Chronicles"?

Chronicles is a new program based out of Camp Pioneer. The program focuses on bringing scouts together in all things nerd! This includes tabletop gaming, tabletop RPGs, TCGs (Magic the Gathering), and Miniatures (Warhammer 40K). In addition to a week of gaming and tournaments, we are leveraging our outdoor experience to create a live-action story. This story will play out through outdoor adventures that scouts will engage in. While morning and evenings may be spent in gaming tournaments, a portion of the day will be dedicated to questing with your guild.

Guilds will be the structure that Scouts are sorted into (based on preference) and will determine their programming theme. For example, the pirate’s guild will have a heavier focus on themed adventures like boat sinking and treasure hunting!

Who is this for?

This is for all those who are interested in all things nerd! The focus of the event will be split between open and tournament play of tabletop games (Including special event games like Blood on the Clocktower), and a live action quest based story. This is the perfect event for scouts to connect with others common interests in tabletop gaming and fantasy stories. Cascade Chronicles is designed to leverage a week of fun to increase scout retention and put fun at the center of outdoor programming.

Youth must be at least 13 years old and a registered Scout to attend.

Adults staying overnight must be a registered BSA Member.

Can I have more examples of activities?

About half the time will be dedicated to tabletop gaming (Or more if Scouts individually select) and half will be spent questing. Our dining hall will be transformed into a medieval tavern and will be the perfect setting for tabletop gaming.

Throne Quest is our first weeklong adventure and revolves around a King who, through prophecy, must abdicate the throne to a worthy guild. The Guilds have a week to prove they are the most worthy of the throne.

To prove their worth, guilds will engage in quests around the kingdom that may borrow elements from escape room-style games or more active-based tasks like competing to sink rowboats or treasure hunting.

Each guild will be guided by staff members and will allow for a unique adventure. Thursday night will be the Abdication Celebration where the King will (or so he says!) choose his successors. Friday morning will finish us off with a final banquet with the chosen guild taking their seat at the royal table.

What are the Fees?

Individual Scouts: $594 for youth on their own.

Scouts with a Troop: $554

Adult Leaders: $288 


Camp Pioneer Team

Camping Department


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