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National Preparedness Month

Our Fall Recruiting Campaign

Let’s Help Our Friends & Neighbors Be “SCOUT” Prepared!

September is “National Preparedness Month,” the perfect time for our Scouts to promote and share our Scout motto while helping them be prepared like a Scout in the BSA.

What’s in This Campaign

  • Plug-and-play “Open House” programs for September to make planning fun and easy
  • Tools to invite new families to attend your “Open House” meetings and join Scouting
  • Patches (of course) for Scouts who join and Scouts who recruit friends!
  • A “First Aid Kit Fundraiser” to support Scouts/units while helping others “Be Prepared.”
  • A council-wide advertising/marketing campaign

Campaign Timeline

  • May 1: First Aid Kit Pre-Order form goes live. (Why? To ensure our partner has enough inventory for custom branding)
  • May 31: Deadline to Pre-Order.
  • June 1: Order Forms go live for First Aid Kits & Promo Materials
  • June 30: Orders due from units.
  • July 1: Custom-branded kits & promo materials produced.
  • August 1: First aid kits, promo materials available for pickup.
  • August 24: Portland Timbers Scout Night: PA Announcement!
  • September: National Preparedness Month!

Help us ensure we have inventory with an estimated number of kits you’re unit is likely to purchase.

First Aid Kit Fundraiser

To help our friends and neighbors “Be Prepared,” the CPC has partnered with Lifeline First Aid in Lake Oswego to offer CPCBSA-branded first aid kits. Units will purchase kits direct from Lifeline and sell at the MSRP. 



  • Scouts/units may NOT sell kits alongside or during Trails End Popcorn Sales. If this rule is broken, the Scout/unit will be disqualified from future council fundraisers.
  • Kits may NOT be sold higher than MSRP. This campaign will be public and promoted. If this rule is broken, the Scout/unit will be disqualified from future council fundraisers.

85-Piece Office/Car Kit

  • Unit purchase price: $13.
  • MSRP: $20
  • Unit/scouts receive $7 in proceeds per kit.)

To be sold as office/car first aid kit.

107 Soft Shell Family Camping Kit

  • Unit purchase price: $19.5. 
  • MSRP: $30  Unit
  • Receives $10.50 in proceeds per kit.

To be sold as home/camping first aid kit. (It includes emergency items such as firestarter, emergency blanket & cold pack)

Patches for New Scouts & Recruiters

New Scouts & Recruiting Scouts will receive this special “Prepared. For Life.” patch. They can be worn on the left sleeve where a “Position” patch is sewn. The Recruiter patch can be worn in addition to the standard rectangle Recruiter patch.

For New Scouts

For Scouts Who Recruited a Friend

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