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Join us Spring Break 2021

Virtual Adventures, STEM Classes & More!

Cub Scouts! Prepare for Adventure!

Cub Scout Craze classes focus on a series of elective Adventures, or a STEM-based activity.

15 Classes to Choose From!

Cub Scout Craze runs for three weeks with a new class happening each week for each rank – that is 15 different classes!

We will be keeping class sizes small (limited to 15 Scouts) so that Cub Scouts get the opportunity to share and talk with the leaders.

Classes will last approximately 1hour, though depending on the topic and interacting with scouts, may run a little longer.

Cost: Only $5 for the Adventure (plus a patch!).
$5 for each additional Adventure


When: March 25-April 7, 2021

Key Contacts

Jennifer Mooney, Program Director


Jenny Hickey, Growth & Relationships


Carrie Hutchcraft, Program Assistant

Lion Adventures

Gizmos and Gadgets: 3/22 at 1:00PM

Gadgets are designed to make tasks easier. Think about the difference between a can opener you turn and one that plugs into the wall. Computers are designed to move information around quickly. Some gizmos and gadgets are designed just for fun, like games. Some make life easier, like apps. They all start with moving parts. We will explore the properties of Motion and Force together!

Build it Up, Knock it Down: 3/29 at 1:00PM

As the king of the jungle, it would be easy for a lion to be a bully or to take advantage of other animals that might be weaker—but that would not be right. Lion Scouts are learning to be leaders who lead by example. Lions will learn the importance of doing the right thing, and why we should always build each other up – instead of knocking others down.

Pick My Path: 4/5 at 1:00PM

A lion cub begins its life in a pride with other lions. They are its family, whether or not they are related. They all work together and help each other for the greater good of the pride. Lions will learn about decisions that can affect relationships with family and friends. We will work with lions to help them understand that all choices, good or bad, have various outcomes and consequences. After the meeting, Lions will work with their family to teach someone a new game (some suggestions will be given during meeting).

Tiger Adventures

Tiger Stories in Shapes: 3/23 at 1:00PM

This adventure will engage the Tigers’ imaginations and creativity as they work on some simple art projects that do not require traditional art skills.


Tiger-iffic: 3/30 at 1:00PM

This adventure will help Tigers learn about different types of games, whether individual games, team games, or initiative games. As an elective, it provides them with the chance to explore games that are new to them and to use their imaginations. It also encourages their willingness and ability to work and talk in the group.

STEM Fold and Fly: 4/6 at 1:00PM

There are many different designs for airplanes in real life. They are all designed that way for different reasons. Some are designed to carry passengers, others for cargo, while some planes are made to get somewhere REALLY fast! We will use paper airplanes to test these various styles.

Wolf Adventures

Hometown Heroes: 3/24 at 1:00PM

In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn about the heroes within the communities they live in. By getting to know some real-life heroes and honoring their service, the Wolves will see the importance of living the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and gain an understanding of what makes a hero.

Spirit of the Water: 3/31 at 1:00PM

Water, water everywhere—water to drink, water to cook our food, water to clean our bodies and our teeth, and water to play in! In this adventure, Wolf Scouts will learn how to conserve water and keep it clean in their homes and neighborhoods.

Adventures in Coins: 4/7 at 1:00PM

Coins are more than just money. In this adventure, Wolves will learn how to spot the various markings on a coin and identify the meanings. Through games and experiments, they will learn how to determine the value of a coin.

Bear Adventures

Picnic Basket: 3/25 at 1:00PM

This adventure introduces Bear Scouts to the fun of preparing their own meals and snacks. They learn basic skills and safety practices when cooking inside or outside. We will share various Scout friendly recipes for scouts to being their Cookbook with (template to be sent before class, if you wish to print). We will also share two nutritious snacks that Scouts can make at home.

Beat of the Drum: 4/1 at 1:00PM

In this adventure, Bears will learn about another culture and how it might relate to them. They will have the opportunity to learn about American Indians and their customs, including crafts, ceremonies, music, and dance. After the meeting, Bear Scouts will take the knowledge they have gained to make their very own American Indian Craft, or write their very own legend!

Forensics: 4/8 at 1:00PM

This activity will help the Bear Scout learn about being observant, looking for clues, and solving situations
with those clues.

Webelos/AOL Adventures

Build My Own Hero: 3/26 at 1:00PM

Through this adventure, Webelos Scouts will discover what being a “hero” means to them as well as the communities we live in. Scouts will meet a local hero and learn about everyday heroism around the world. After the meeting, Scouts will think about a hero they know and with their trusted adults help create a hero award to present to them.


Looking Back & Forward: 4/2 at 1:00PM

Webelos Scouts will learn in this adventure that few things ever remain the same: Information from the past has helped shape our world today, and information from today will help shape the future. Our organization is always changing, which will be evident by our timeline. After the meeting, scouts will create their very own time capsule with their family!

STEM Spy Code & Adv. Spy Code: 4/9 at 1:00PM

During this STEM Based meeting, Webelos Scouts will learn all about the world of computer coding. Webelos will get a chance to use ASCII to decode a secret message. After that, we will dive into the world of binary. Will your Spy Skills crack the code?


What do I need to be prepared for each Cub Scout Adventure?

Check out the supplies list and gather prior to your meeting. Most items will be things you can find around your house.

How will I know where to go when my session begins?

You will receive a Zoom room link and password 24 hours prior to the session. Please check with the email that was used for registration.

Why does a parent need to sit in class?

In order to follow Youth Protection guidelines, we ask that parents attend (or are at least in ear shot of their scout).

What are the rules during a Cub Scout Craze session?

Here is the Code of Conduct that each scout must abide by

        1. Earn or renew your Cyber Chip.
        2. Wear your uniform to each session.
        3. Keep your camera turned on. You will be asked to participate and it is much easier when the counselor can see your face.
        4. Always follow the Scout Oath and Law. Please be respectful in your language and your actions.
        5. Stay on topic. The chat box and the conversation should relate to the subject at hand.
Refund Policy

All registrations are non-refundable.

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